How We Access the Web
How We build the Web

Around the world mobile phones are already the dominant gateway to the internet, and with tablet sales having recently overtaken laptop sales, the migration of work and productivity tools to mobile platforms will accelerate.

Future internet users will want to be able to access the same information and do much of the same work that they have up until now been doing on their desktops and laptops.

At the same time, it is increasingly rare to find any kind of business without a presence on the web. All professionals need to showcase well organised information about what they do. Every company seeks maximum exposure.

These 3 factors support our view that website builders are at the leading edge of the evolution of App use and purpose.

A Site Builder to Build Effective Websites

Almost without exception, the sales pitch of the website maker apps is “Make a website in 5mins”, “It’s a piece of cake” etc. The same is true of the computer based website builders.

But who is it out there that is looking to make a website for their business, their professional activity, their hobbies and interests, in 5 mins? Why would you choose a tool to help you represent something you work on for many hours a day, based on a quick fix solution ?

To make your own website is also a great opportunity to improve the way you connect with your audience. The process of creating a site can be part of re-educating your marketing strategy and maturing your communication skills.

In our view, an App that allows you to make your website, from start to finish, on an iPad or iPhone, is worth spending some quality time on.

Another overused selling pitch is a long list of features. And we can become victims of such a strategy only when we know too little about our own needs. Most web professionals, on the other hand, know that content is king.

There are no sexy widgets that can do the work for you. A good balance of functions and ease of use offers the best chance for you to get skilled in talking to your site visitors and search engines.

Therefore, in a category where every app boasts a simple and easy website maker on a mobile platform, we paid special attention to their ability to actually help users communicate the right information and get a real result.

In other words, it’s not just how easy, how fun etc., the various web builder apps are to use, but also your actual chances of completing a functional website.

What Can The Current Web Builder Apps Do? And What Can They Not Do?

We’ve considered 3 different basic kinds of websites.

- The simple presence on the web.
A business card on the web, but with a few pictures, an introduction, contact info and maybe a map. Something slick, smart looking, fast to create and easy to modify.

- The presentation website
A website to present a service more completely, explain the organisation of an event, build dedicated photo galleries, etc., The site may need a more serious look and feel. The speed and ease with which visitors understand the organisation of the site is as important as the content itself. Visitors need to learn something, take a decision, and then get in touch or buy something.

- The complex website
This may be an extensive shop with hundreds of products, with stock management. Or a website able to manage many users, directing them to specific parts of the site. A site with a particularly original and unique look and feel for your clients. Which allows management of newsletters or forums. Or incorporates affiliation and Google ads.

… If you need a complex website then a site Builder on a mobile platform is not for you ( at least not yet ). For the foreseeable future you'll need a professional developer to give you a hand.

Focus on the Goal

We’ve assumed that the users of site builder Apps will increasingly be looking to do the same as the users of computer based website builders: Create a website for their business or professional use, share their interests, hobbies, knowledge of a subject.

The majority of web builder users are not professional web designers, and will not want to spend time on technical aspects of web design.

But, if they care about the result, they will probably be happy enough to spend some time on the content of their website. And so we decided to judge the website maker apps from 3 angles.

  1. The Ease of Use for beginners
  2. What kind of website is it possible to make?
  3. Our guess at whether users will Give Up or end with a Result.