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Updated: 2018-05-09 16:15:52 (original review: 2013-10-09)

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Some Websites Made with Webr

Nothing New from Webr

The only news is that Lazy Appz, the maker of Webr, seem to be living up to their name. With no updates since June 2013, no answer to my support request, and a broken forum page on their website, Webr looks to have been abandoned. I hope they come back to work because the app has a lot of potential, and Webr's users have made some beautiful sites.

Create a free website or pay a small yearly fee for multiple websites with more options

The app is free and after setting up an account a user can create and publish one free website. Upgrade to Pro is $4.99 per year and allows up to 3 websites from one account and the option to add video, audio and links, and to connect with Dropbox. The Business Package at $9.99 offers up to 5 sites, and the ability to remove Webr's logo and put one of your own. The packages are not that expensive but in my testing of Webr sites, they loaded very slowly, regardless of account type. Sites are formatted primarily for computer browsers as they are not responsive. Sites look good on tablets but require some zooming in and out on an iPhone.

A well designed and easy to master app

Webr Editor

Like GoDaddy GoMobile, Webr is designed for iPhone but will install and function very well on an iPad using the 2x zoom button the developers have built in. Although not the easiest of the apps I tested, Webr has been carefully designed for ease of use, and the well timed in-app tips, online help section, videos and forum quickly overcome any misunderstandings.

Some account management issues but otherwise bug free

Webr runs fast and without any bugs or crashes. I did have an issue with a possible lost password which meant that I couldn't publish my site and was actually directed to someone else's site when I tried to publish. In this case I failed to resolve the problem because Webr didn't reply to my email asking for help. When I installed the app on another iPhone I had no problems publishing.

In-app and online faq files, a forum and email support

In spite of the lack of a reply to the above mentioned email, I found Webr's in-app tips and information section, and online videos, FAQ and forum useful.

Some very strong features but also many things missing

Webr Editor

Webr is in the middle of the pack in terms of features. It offers a lot, especially for bloggers, but less for businesses.

A Webr site can have an unlimited number of pages and there are 3 standard page types, Text, Image and Blog. A nice feature of Webr is that you can switch the page type even after you've added content. The content organisation options are not particularly strong except for blogging, which is the real strength of this app when compared with the other website builders we've reviewed. Posts are displayed on the users website in a blogroll which can be filtered by month, and there's also a recent posts area. The Disqus commenting service can be integrated very easily which allows website visitors to sign in using their Disqus, Twitter, Facebook or Google accounts to leave comments.

offers a lot for bloggers, but less for businesses.

Text styling can be quite rich if you are prepared to use the simplified html markdown language. You can add definition to text, including various text heading sizes, lists, indents etc using Markdown. If you upgrade to Pro, the Markdown functions are then offered as buttons in the text editor. There are, however, no options to align blocks of text with images. This may not be important for bloggers or art portfolio creators, but it's a loss for businesses that want to present rich integrated content.

Webr Features

Images are handled very basically, with no options for cropping, but the upload of multiple images is useful, especially when creating galleries. The galleries themselves display according to the theme you choose and also provide a slideshow when clicked into. The slideshow looks great but loads a little slowly, maybe because of insufficient image compression. Images can be uploaded from your iPhone, or imported from flickr.

You can add links to any social media pages you have and there are also facebook and twitter share buttons on blog posts.

Google analytics integration is offered and is very easy to set up.

A few things that are missing: There's no integration of Paypal and no other way to receive payments or donations, there's also no contact form, and no Google maps integration. These missing features will be significant drawbacks for some.

12 modern themes plus 8 one-click styling options

Webr Themes

The Themes are very nicely styled and look really modern, and I like the way you can combine the 12 layout options with 8 styling options.

No built in multi-language features


Enough SEO features but the free .ly domain won't get you much credit from Google

SEO features include being able to set the title tag, meta description tag and meta keywords. You can only set these for your whole site and not for individual pages, although the page titles are amended to the site title for the title tag. I also found some advice on SEO in the blog on Webr's homepage, although it would obviously have been better to include this in the in-app information section, as not many will find it in the blog.

An iPhone App, but it works very well on iPad

Although not responsive, Webr sites look good on most devices, if perhaps a little small on iPhones.

Webr is for iPhone but works equally well on iPad. There is also a beta version of an online editor which can be accessed from Webr's homepage. Currently you can only upgrade to Pro or business from within the app, but otherwise you can create and edit your website from a computer as with the app. Useful if, for example, you have a lot of text to type.


for bloggers .. it has a lot to offer. For business use several important features are missing.

I was impressed by many of the features of Webr. I think that for bloggers and artists' portfolio use it has a lot to offer. For small business and professional use several important features are missing. The lack of paypal, a contact form and more content organisation options to name a few. As a tool for posting and sharing it's easily the best app out there. It would be hard to imagine an easier app to create and manage a blog from an iPhone.

The developers of Webr have also succeeded in providing sufficient tips and support documentation. Unfortunately it's been a long time since they updated the forum and blog on their website, or even their Facebook page. It would be a disappointing to find that Webr had been abandoned in favor of other projects, because it's already a great offer, and with a few improvements it would be a very powerful app.

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