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2018-05-09 16:16:57 (original review: 2013-06-04 10:02:19)

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Some Websites Made with GoDaddy GoMobile

Free trial with very cheap hosting

In my initial review of GoDaddy GoMobile (formerly I praised the mobile optimized sites that the app could create. GoDaddy hasn't made any significant upgrades to the GoMobile app since, but they have made a change to the way their users' websites display on larger screens. Sites made with GoDaddy GoMobile still look great on mobile screens, but on computer screens, and on iPads in landscape, although the site width is now greater, the sites look poorly laid out. I think the change would have added something if the app had been updated to allow you to format the content for the new screen width, but as it is, websites look nowhere near as nice on large screens as they do on mobiles. The company has recently been bought by GoDaddy and hosting is no-longer free. The app is free and there is a free trial but hosting is to be paid for, albeit very cheap at $3 per month.

Very easy to use with an ultra clean interface


GoDaddy GoMobile app has clearly been designed to be used without the need for instructions, an effort which I support with some caveats. There are now 2 FAQ pages, but they're not particularly helpful and offer little advice on best practices for website creation. GoDaddy GoMobile's website has a presentation which walks you through some of the basic processes.

A fast, well designed app, and bug free.

GoDaddy GoMobile feels like a heavily tested, well thought out app for creating mobile websites on the iPhone. It runs very fast, there are almost no loading delays anywhere.

Only basic help files, but GoDaddy offers good 24 hour phone support.

No guides and only basic help files, which may not be necessary for using the app, but some guidance on content creation would surely be appreciated by newcomers to websites.

As mentioned above there are only very basic FAQ pages, but GoDaddy offers 24 phone support and email support. GoDaddy has clearly tried to make the app so easy that it's impossible to get stuck, but it's always likely to happen at some time or other. If GoDaddy are serious about helping their users to create useful websites for their audience, which get recognized by search engines, they will need to create some guides, as not all of their users will know about writing for SEO, about using images, or about content organization.

Godaddy GoMobile has some great features but is still quite limited overall.


One install of the app can be used to create multiple websites and I couldn't find an upper page limit for each site. I built a test site and added 33 pages before I got bored and accepted defeat. Before a recent change, the navigation handled the addition of all these pages by using a draggable menu bar, which meant that if you created a lot of pages most were invisible, and visitors might not have realized they were there. Now the navigation has been changed to incorporate a drop down for extra pages, and this is an improvement.

Page options include; About, Blog, Gallery and Custom Page, and there's an "On all pages" feature, which permits the inclusion of content such as logos, contact and business info, links to social media pages, header images and social media sharing buttons on every page of your website. Custom pages can have text, images or video only, but other than the vertical order of these individual items (photo, video, paragraphs of text) there are no content layout options.

Image upload and cropping is easy and well integrated. Photos are automatically resized, but there's no free-size crop, so you're stuck with one photo shape for every photo on your site. At image upload there are options to upload photos from your iPhone, take a new photo with the camera, or import images from Flickr and other external sources, and this is also straightforward to do. The lack of other image editing features is easily mitigated by the various image editors for iPhone which are readily available on the App store.

The beautiful full screen image slideshow for the images in the gallery is a stand-out feature, which would have been even better if it was possible to re-order the images.


Text editing is easy, but with very minimal styling options such as bold and italics, and no choice of fonts. I like the option to import paragraphs of text from external websites, and the import is very cleverly designed. One concern is that it might encourage people to create duplicate content, which is viewed negatively by Google. An instruction here reminding the user to re-write the text to avoid duplicate content would be appropriate I think.

Integration of external content is a strong point in GoDaddy GoMobile's app. It's easy to add maps, and the display of the map on the business type pages display's beautifully on mobile screens. Other integration includes the easy adding of YouTube videos, and import of images from Flickr and other websites.

Social media integration includes Facebook, Twitter and Google+ like buttons, and you can easily link to all your social media pages.

6 Business-like templates to choose from


There are 6 well designed, business styled, templates to choose from. Not a great deal of variation, and each has the same format but they will suffice many users for a mobile site. Templates can be changed any time with no impact on the content.

No built-in multi-language features

Assistance with duplicating a site for alternate languages is not available, but given that you can create multiple websites from one account, if you translate your website, you can then re-create it in other languages fairly easily, especially as the process of creating a site using GoDaddy GoMobile is so quick.

SEO features, but no guidance

SEO features have been built in but as there is no advice from GoDaddy, you would need some SEO knowledge to take advantage of them.

You can set the site title and description, which helps search engines to find your pages, but there is no advice from GoDaddy on this, so you would have to have some background knowledge to make use of this function. Other tags are used, within various pages, for example h1, h2, h3 and h4 tags. These tags are created automatically, which I think is probably a good decision for this builder, but as there is no explanation of their value for search engines, users have to already be aware of SEO practices in order to take advantage of them.

An iPhone App, but it works very well on iPad

GoDaddy GoMobile app is available for iPhone and iPad. You simply have to install the app from the iPhone app list and then click the 2x button to make it fit the bigger screen. The websites made with the app are responsive, and the content width has been increased to 960px in an effort to make users websites fit larger screens. I personally think that since the options for content creation have not changed that this has produced a messy result and that the websites still look their best on mobile phones. On laptops and desktop screens some of the content is now split into 2 columns and looks smaller and poorly laid out when compared with the display on phone screens. One improvement in the recent update is that there are now hover effects on the menu buttons, which means that they function better in computer browsers.


Great for creating mobile websites, and no problem for beginners to complete the task

If you come looking to make a mobile website I think you will have a good chance of completing a website with GoDaddy GoMobile. It's an easy to use and very well designed app with some nice features.

If you are hoping to make a website that will serve as your only website, for a business for example, you may find the poor look on larger screens, and limited features in certain areas, off-putting. I looked at dozens of websites made using GoDaddy GoMobile both before and after the layout was changed to adapt for larger screens. In every case the websites looked worse than before and many were apparently abandoned or half finished. Another drawback is lack of support and lack of advice on the content side of website creation. If the team at GoDaddy didn't see any point in writing articles on this issue themselves, they might have at least pointed to articles elsewhere.

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by Renaud on GoDaddy GoMobile

I really liked in their previous version.
It was such a flawless experience to build a very clean and simple presence on the web ... But in the latest update they tried to take on bigger website builder Apps, and the new version shows no respect for the work done before the update. The result on the web is far from being as slick and relevant as their ’mobile’ version was.
I read here they have been bought by GoDaddy ... is that what money does to talent ? R.