Other Helpful Tools

2013-06-04 10:04:46

Design Tools

Adobe Ideas

A free vector drawing app from Adobe that lets you sketch out ideas or hand draw graphic designs with ease. The auto-smoothing built into the app steadies even the most untrained artist's hand. You can export your work as a PDF or jpeg which means that you can also create graphic images and upload them to your website using one of the site builder apps.

iMockups for iPad

If you want to plan the design of your website before you build it, the iMockups wireframing app is a very useful tool. You can drag and drop most of the standard elements of websites onto the page and lay them out on a grid.


This free app from Evernote is a handwriting and sketch pad with text recognition. Take notes, make drawings and then search the text of your notes. Useful for saving and sharing ideas, and for making quick sketches of design ideas.

Photo Editing

Adobe Photoshop Express

A simplified version of Adobe Photoshop for iPad, and it's free. Not for professional image editing but easily enough to help you get your photos into shape and ready  for upload to the web.

Photogene for iPad

A powerful photo editing app for complete image control on an iPad. Filters and functions let you manipulate your images with as much freedom as computer based photo editors.


Photo editing on an iPad or iPhone with a good balance of features and ease of use for beginners.

Find Out Who Is Visiting Your Website

Dashboard for Google Analytics

For the web builder apps that allow you to integrate Google Analytics this free app for iPad and iPhone lets you see all the detailed statistics on your website visitors that Google Analytics provides.

Analytics Tiles App

Another app to display Google Analytics website stats with a very nicely styled interface.